Dogma 4 Tots

It’s the most wonderful slap of the year! The Toys for Tots program is rejecting donations of talking Bible-themed dolls. The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is shocked — shocked! — that their scripture-spouting dollies won’t be making their way into the hands of poor and needy children.  (The company division which makes the dolls is called one2believe.  Everybody roll your eyes with me.)  Why are they surprised?  Do they honestly think that children will enjoy getting these?  What about Jewish kids?   Hell, I think even most level-headed Christian kids would turn their noses up at these ugly little things.  But the real point is this company’s motivations.  I feel that if you can’t give toys to needy children without injecting your religion into it, well…pardon my French, but le fuck you.

UPDATE: Sigh.  Toys for Tots has agreed to accept the dolls after all, promising that they’ve found appropriate homes for them.  (May I suggest a landfill?)  I wonder how many people threatened to withhold their donations if these dolls weren’t accepted.  That’s usually how it works…

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