Grappling with grunting

Back when I knew what the inside of a gym looked like, I used to smirk at those weight-lifting guys who would grunt and groan dramatically with each crunch or squat-thrust.  “UNNGGGHHHH!” Yeah — nice display of testosterone, Mongo.  We’re all deeply impressed and humbled.  Anyway, one particular gym in New York has had enough of this primate behavior and has outright banned grunting.  Repeat offenders will be thrown out and their accounts will be canceled.  Now, I do think that some of these guys are being overdramatic, but to me it would have to be really super over-the-top to warrant booting or banning someone.  Seems kinda silly to make it an official policy, especially when it’s natural do make some noise while lifting.  What are people supposed to do?  Not work out as hard?  I suppose this gym will soon be banning people who breathe loudly as well.

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  1. This is interesting. I go to a swim club, so the only grunts I’m exposed to are the grunts of “I’m really uncomfortable to be showering naked next to another guy, so I’m going to fidget and make ape-like noises to compensate.” I think Dan Savage addressed this in his column, but it was in the context of heterosexual guys at urinals next to someone else with their dicks out.


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