Rodents Gone Wild!

A few Disneyland Paris employees decided to have themselves a lil’ mock orgy in full costume, and the video is spreading like wildfire.  Naturally the Mouse is doing everything he can to keep this video off the internets…good luck with that.  And look, even Chip ‘n’ Dale got a little backdoor action from Goofy.  Woohoo!

God, this is funny.  I mean, working at Disneyland is probably a big enough blow to one’s dignity, but having to run around in one of those big stupid suits as well?  Shit, they probably have to do nutty stuff like this just to stay sane.

The video has apparently been pulled from YouTube, but I managed to find it on iFilm…for now, anyway.

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  1. Um,… Big deal?
    Someone needs to add the right soundtrack and it will look like it belongs on the MTV Plushie channel. That dry-humping fake-sex-dance stuff is on TV every day. It wouldn’t even be a big deal unless Disney were trying to squash it.
    It’s not nearly as startling as the Disneyland Memorial Orgy poster, and not even in the same league as Disney Porn (if you don’t know, you don’t want to).
    It is amusing, though.


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