“Please swipe card for entry into Heaven.”

Those wacky religious nutballs are at it again, finding yet another way to use technology to replace the spiritual search.  This time they’ve come up with an ATM for Jesus, where you can swipe your card and have church donations lifted directly from your account.  And, as usual, there’s a tidy profit to be made:

The Bakers charge between $2,000 and $5,000 for the kiosks, which come in a variety of configurations.  They also collect a monthly subscription fee of up to $49.95 for licensing and support.  And a card-processing company gets 1.9% of each transaction; a small cut of that fee goes to SecureGive.

Pretty lucrative bidness ya got there, hmmm?  What I’d like to see are ATMs set up where you can donate to the charity of your choice.  No fees, no companies skimming money off the top — just swipe your card, enter your PIN, select your charity, and enter an amount.  The money from that ATM might actually get to where it’s needed…

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  1. Tammy Faye was way more interesting than an ATM.
    I’d pay for Tammy to have bigger eyelashes and more mascara, will that get me in to Heaven?
    I want to see my Christian Love Dollars going to build something grand and tacky, Thank you!


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