All or nothin’

The Seattle Times has an article about a local Libertarian, Bruce Guthrie, who’s spending his life’s savings running for the Senate.  He’s scraped together $1.2 million by mortgaging his house, with additional cash from investments and everything he and his now-deceased wife have saved up over the past 17 years.  After this, he has nothing left. Isn’t it interesting that something like this can make headlines?  Our political system is driven by money, not ideas…and I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard about a Republican or Democrat spending all his or her personal money on a campaign for Senate, where they’ll be broke if they lose.  Surely it happens…doesn’t it?  Maybe? Libertarians have always been big on raising their own money, refusing federal matching campaign funds, denying cash from special interest groups who try to buy their votes, etc. (though I’m sure a few have given in to temptation now and then), and to me this is the way it ought to be done.

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