Christian values at their finest

The news about Republican Rep. Mark Foley’s endless flirtations (and possible sexcapades) with underage boys in online chatrooms is old news since Friday, but I still have to mention it.  Yes, I must…because few things give me more joy than seeing Republicans squirm and sweat after one of their flock goes down in icky, lecherous flames.  This guy has been particularly outspoken about the evils of homosexuality and the righteousness of GOP Family Values™, and now the world knows that he’s just another hypocritical GOP pigfucker who denounces the rights of certain people while secretly trying to lure them into his greasy, stinky lair.  And the icing on the cake?  His GOP buddies on the hill knew about his rampant boylust and did nothing about it.  Disgusting, evil pigfuckers, all of them.  This is Christian family values at its best, folks!

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  1. Yes, I love to see the squirming of “The Right”
    This is the filthiest hypocrite ever! It just makes you wonder how much sh!t politicians are burying.
    The truly sh!tty thing is the Christian Whacko’s are just going to disassociate and call all homosexual’s molesters. That’s will be there escape-goat.
    Being Gay DOES NOT make you a molester!!! Stupid Mofo’s!!
    Living a life of sh!tty lies makes you do sh!tty things, that’s all there is to it!!!


  2. oh! 8 shades of ick! what i would really like to see is kenneth starr called in to investigate the situation. i mean clinton had a brief affair with a woman of legal age (granted it was still adultery). i think foley and any one who were aware of his prediliction with young men should be put on public display for failing to uphold not only their moral superiority, but even the basic laws against pedophilia.


  3. Great, now this Jack Ass is Coming Out and stating he was molested by a Catholic Priest.
    What’s next? He fathered Anna Nicole baby?


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