Profit of God

Yesterday I had a naughty idea:  what if I were to open up an online shop to sell Christian items?  You know, t-shirts and mugs and mouse pads with cutesy, churchy, wholesome slogans on them.  They would be quite easy to design, and the target audience would be everyone from mainstream American churchies to “Sunday only” Christians to rockin’ radical holy teens.  I’d do it just to see if someone like me, who scoffs and snorts so much at their antics, could actually sell them something.  It would be purely for fun, just a joke…and possibly a way to earn some extra cash.  I’ve already come up with a few slogans that might be fun to use, but I haven’t fired up Photoshop yet.

Of course, I wouldn’t broadcast the name of the shop so as to remain anonymous in my faux holiness, or at least until I know whether it’s working…  But if this happens, I’ll let y’all know when it’s online so you can try to sniff it out. 🙂

Is this evil?

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  1. i say go for it. people will often pay huge amounts of money to either appear to be good christians, or with the belief that god cares how many chubby faced angels sit on the mantle.
    if you really wanted to tickle yourself though, give a percentage of proceeds to the HRC, or pro-gay marriage foundation of your choice


  2. ditto to what jon said. Screw them, there’s no law against it, and on the moral side of these things, if you don’t get the money, someone else will. Christian types can’t hold onto their money (why churches need more and more!)


  3. Sorry, but the idea has been applied to Megachurches already! You dont’ believe that the preachers in these commercial temples are actually god followers, do you?


  4. Or, if the moral aspect bothers you, give the money (or some percentage) to Amnesty International, Oxfam, the ACLU or some other charity maybe one that guards freedom of religion.


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