Churchies + Ramadan = Holy Hootenanny

Some Christians, bless their misguided little hearts, are praying alongside Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.  No, they’re not praying for anything silly like good health, well-being, or a peaceful life for Muslims, oh no.  They’re praying that Muslims find Jesus.  Yeah, what else didja expect?  It’s the usual “Our god has a bigger dick than your god” kinda thing.  My friend Jon sent this in with a comment:  “More proof that Christians, on the whole, are clueless egocentrists, bent on the idea their way is the only way.  I have never seen proof of god, but I can say, I have seen proof of the devil.”

Jon, have you found Jesus?  And when you do, can you tell him he still owes me five bucks?

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  1. …and Christians wonder why Muslims dislike them so much?
    Also what strikes me as strange is that only American Christians seem to do all this “we are the best, praise tha LORD!” sorta stuff, never any other Christians, such as the good ol’ kind, understanding British Christians! XD
    …maybe something in the water over there?


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