Starbucks: the new Hitler

Some dipshit woman is suing Starbucks for $114 million because they pulled a free drink offer before she could get in on it.  The email offer was meant for family and friends of Starbucks employees, but it was forwarded to zillions of people all over the country, far beyond the intended scope. So Starbucks pulled it, as they have every right to.  But this woman won’t stand for it.  She feels BETRAYED (much like when her husband undoubtedly left her ass at the altar) and, like any American who doesn’t get what s/he wants, she got herself a law-yah:

The woman’s lawyer says $114m equals the cost of drinks for all those turned away when the company decided to cancel its offer.  He hopes millions of other disappointed customers will join the legal effort.

He is accusing the company of fraud and is requesting class-action status for the lawsuit, hoping to sign-up countless others around the country who also missed out on their free drink.

Oh, the betrayal!  The fraud and negligence!  The countless caffeine-deprived souls who won’t get their goddamn free drink!  God, this is irritating.  Fuck these two sniveling, greedy nitwits, and fuck anyone who takes part in this meaningless, waste-of-time lawsuit which only serves to make the laywer richer.  It’s a cup of coffee we’re talking about here, not lifesaving medications or food for starving children.  Where are your priorities, people?  Bueller??

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  1. You gotta love entitlement. This reminds me of the woman on the phone the other day who, when informed that 3 people were waiting ahead of her, shouted, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???” I very calmly replied, “You’re the person who’s fourth in line.”


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