Friday quickies

  • This is just too strange:  Haley Joel Osment has been spanked for DUI.  Everybody say it with me:  “I see drunk people.”
  • Actor Rupert Everett is getting a Starbucks in his London neighborhood and he’s not happy about, calling Starbucks a “cancer.” He’s so enraged that he’s signing a petition expressing “deep concern” about it.  Watch out, Starbucks, a Hollywood actor has a DEEP CONCERN!  Um, these people need to get mean and start the negative publicity, because deep concern will only get you steamrolled by any megacorporation.
  • C|Net U.K. asks the question, Mobile phones for children:  Do we want them?” Well, the cell companies want your kids to have them, but it can get expensive and may not be necessary, unless you want to track everything your kid does, anyway.  A woman in my department makes/takes calls with her kids (and husband) at all hours of her workday, ast least twice an hour.  She gets details about what they’re doing, where they are, where they’re going, who they’re with…  Aren’t these kids in school?  Snip those apron strings already and give these kids some room to breathe, sheesh.

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  1. Even scarier is the DISNEY Mobile Plan, have you seen this? Tracks your childrens whereabouts every second… Nothing like an electronic leash.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney is tracking where kids are going too. Ewww… The Mall, The Arcade, The movie theater…. A disney store… The Neverland Ranch…


  2. Re: mobile phones. I’m ambivalent. As a parent, I understand the urge to do everything possible to keep kids safe. On the other hand, this is another manifestation of our vastly exaggerated sense of how dangerous 21st-century America (especially the suburbs where parents can afford these phones) is for children. That, I hate with a passion. Read some history, people! Look up what a child’s chances of surviving to adulthood were 100 years ago. Let’s get some perspective on this & stop robbing children of their childhood.


  3. re: Georgia Sam’s comment on mobile phones. I just want to say that I live in the suburbs and can’t afford cell phones for my kids. Heck, I don’t even have one. My wife and I share one. Anyways, I agree 100% with everything else you said. The urge is there to make my kids readily accessible at any given moment, but if I do my job as a parent, and they do theirs as a responsible child, they’ll survive just fine.


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