Tonight on ABC: “BOO!”

The show “20/20” is about to air a special edition called “Last Days on Earth.” Whoah, there!  These people are throwing around terms like “last days” and “armageddon” as if they were covering those silly Rapture fairytales.  The show is actually talking about natural cataclysms that could potentially wipe out the human race.  Bad choice of a title, since the program is about science.

Anyway, this stuff isn’t so farfetched…all it takes is a massive meteor, a sudden shift of the Earth’s axis, a reversal of the poles, a massive tectonic shift (all of which have already happened, by the way), or a few others nasty things, and huge chunks of the population can simply be wiped out.  Or all of it, for that matter.  This article suggests that the show will make the case that we are in complete control of the situation, and that it’s up to us to avert disaster.  Hmmmm.  Entire civilizations have vanished as casualties of cataclysmic earth changes…it’s not always a gradual thing like global warming.  What’s preventing the same sort of thing from happening to ours?  Sure, we may be able to do something about global warming (assuming it’s our doing and not just natural warming/cooling trends), but what the hell are we going to do if the poles shift and the jet stream comes down to blow us all to smithereens?  Pray to the Pope?

I hope those who survive the “last days” have decent genes…

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  1. Exactly! Weather and climate are things that we can only ever theorize about. If we were so ‘in control’, the weatherman would be accurate, people wouldn’t die in hurricanes, and nobody would be constantly in fear of ‘the big one’.


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