Friday quickies

  • An Army recruiter in Portland thought he had a great new tactic for secretly boosting his enrollment numbers: enlisting the autistic.  Wow, he must have been desperate.  He only enlisted one before he was stopped, but did he honestly think that nobody would find out?  Moron.
  • Gotta love how this story gives us lots of fun ideas as to how someone could blow up a plane using simple household items.  But it’s best to ignore this stuff, since you’re more likely to get struck by a blimp while racing in the Tour de France on a unicycle than get blown up by concealed explosives.  I mean, think of the odds!
  • The fantastic documentary “9|11” will be airing on CBS soon, and the network actually considered censoring it for language and other stuff, thanks to the hypsersensitive FCC boob-Nazis.  Luckily, no edits will be made, but it’s a shame that “indecency” has to be considered at all when something like this airs.  This film is a snapshot of real life, and it’s very much worth seeing (or renting, so you don’t have to sit through commercials).
  • Here’s a fun thought:  U.S. business practices adopted by the Japanese are literally driving them crazy.  “Larger numbers of temporary staff, a greater willingness to sack people and greater pay disparities are the downside. …People tend to be individualised under the new working patterns. When people worked in teams they were happier.”  Yikes.  Welcome to the asylum…do enjoy your stay.

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