Wednesday quickies

  • I guess it was only a matter of time before the military started using MySpace to recruit new cogs into the war machine.  Their numbers are down and they’re being shooed off school campuses (campii?), so naturally they’re going to tap the vast wasteland of MySpace for potential recruits. *shudder*
  •  After years of griping and petitioning by fans, Animaniacs is finally-finally-finally on DVD!  I used to love this show, catching it every day after classes when I was in college.  It’s silly, sharp-witted, and often slyly adult with its humor.  The way they rag on Hollywood types is also top-notch.  Narf!
  • James Dobson’s dimwitted asshole-cluster (a.k.a. Focus on the Family) has launched a new gay-hatin’ website featuring the slogan “Dogs aren’t born mooing, and people aren’t born gay.” Dear Mr. Dobson:  putting aside your idiotic analogy (which is too stupid to waste words on), I formally challenge you to turn gay in order to prove that homosexuality it’s all in our heads.  Oh, wait…you can’t?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  So fuck you, Mr. Dobson.  Fuck you right in the ear.

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  1. Tell that to Lance Bass, Mr. Dobson!
    God DAM Homophobes! Go persecute your leader, Mr. Bush, at least there is reason to.


  2. No, dogs don’t “Moo,” but neither do they shout “Praise Jesus!” There is far more evidence, Mr. Dobson, that homosexuality is a born condition than christianity is a born condition. So, I guess we shouldn’t have tax-free churches and government-sponsored faith-based programs anymore. Right, Mr. Dobson? Right?? RIGHT??? [sound of crickets chirping]


  3. Well PUT Raider DUCK! Science is finally telling the truth, yeah it’s scary when science rules you a homophobe and what do you do??? you do Christianly things of course, come out fighting with fists of hate, denial and slander.


  4. Thank god! I saw an advertisement for Animaniacs today and my brother and I just looked at each other and we both said “Finally!!!” We even both said the three exclaimation points afterwards, too.


  5. what suddenly occurred to me as i read the various little blurbs talking about some lesbian who overcame her tendencies and metamorphosized into a beautiful straight woman.
    when talking numbers, i know a lot more ex-straights than ex-gays. and a significant population of people who don’t seem inclined to settle on one side of the fence or the other. what does that say about the whole ex-sexuality thing?


  6. Being “born” gay is a really big quagmire. Yes I know there’s hormonal disorders, and stuff like Klinefelter’s Syndrome for the guys and Swyer syndrome for us girls, but that’s being intersexed, not gay. Gay is a sexuality, not a gender identity. Also, being gay is a psychological thing, not a biological thing. I’m sure everyone has had that stage where they question their sexuality, and I’m no different, but let’s make this clear:
    Homosexuality is what gender you prefer to do the old in-out with.
    And before anyone says anything, you can’t be born with an attraction to dogs or any other animal than humans. I’m sorry, but that is im-fucking-possible.
    It would take some serious psychological tweaking to make someone wanna do it with a dog/sheep/whatever.
    And as for being born gay, it depends on what you mean by “born”. Gender identity and sexual orientation are “nurture”. They’re psychological. I think of gay people as a subculture, like bible thumpers, (Random shock of the day: Some of them are born like that)
    But it’s usually around puberty that it sets in. The nature of a young adult to question the doctrines set about him or her, and the time they decide whether or not to break free from the mold set around them by life: Some kids choose to be gay just to freak out the rest of society. Nuts like Jerry Falwell feed off this nature.
    Gayness, to me, seems more like someone’s niche in high school (The skaters, the goths, the punks, etc.) than a disability/health issue like being deaf, blind or autistic.
    Homosexuality is just another sexual subculture, like the BDSM, transgender or fetishist community.
    My dad thinks they’re all perverted and yes, he’s a Dark Ages Christian. I’m an 18-year-old virgin. That’s only because I don’t wanna have spawn and I’m too absent-minded to remember birth control.
    So that’s the Weekly Quagmire. Man, I really need to get my own blog.


  7. Yes, please get your own blog, so you have somewhere better to go lay in your own “Quagmire”
    I’m gay because I have no other choice, and before puberty I had an attraction to men. You don’t walk in my shoes, so don’t try and think you can put them on for a minute and rant.


  8. wait, If dogs can only make a barking noise (according to that twat Dobson), then what the heck is that whining noise some dogs make significant of? Especcially the ones that don’t bark at all?


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