0 comments on “Gamin’ for God 2.0

  1. Heard about his one a while ago, I’m waiting for it to come out so I can go around saying; ‘I smaite you in the name of jesus’ BLAM! ‘I smite you…’ think of the endless fun this game will bring!


  2. I heard on Electronic Playground that you loose 2 points for killing someone and gain a point for saving someone. I always new there was a 3-point difference!


  3. LOL obviously not up on your religion bright guy. If you took any comparative world religions course in college they would have told you that EVERY major religion around the world has multitudes of incidents of violence against others from different religions. It is the nature of religion to create rules that are not too be modified therefore that create tension between people and cause conflict eventually. Even christianity which I learned in college not in church btw has had incidents of violence throughout history. It doesn’t matter if you preach peace and love it’s still a difference between people and those who like to point out belief differences always cause conflict. For example YOU. Notwithstanding violence form the outside in theres also violence within a belief structure when apocalypse occurs and those who are against YOUR God try to kill you are you getting anything out of this? just a point sport.


    • Oh, so it’s people like ME who are the cause of religious violence, because we’re the ones who point out a religion’s flaws? Riiiight. 🙂 Gotcha. I also know that all religions have a history of violence…but I tend to focus mostly on the one that dominates my own country, because it has the most direct impact on my life. But there are definitely violent crazies in all religions, no doubt about that.


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