Thursday quickies

  • This could be fun: US Airways is going to start placing advertisements on its barf-bags.  But why stop there?  Why not put the ads IN the bags?  Hell, if I was the type to get airsick I would love to hwarf all over AOL, Budget Rent-A-Car, or Martha Stewart’s smiling face.
  • Wondering if it’s OK to smack your child?  Have no fear, the Kiwi Christians are saying that it’s not only the right(eous) thing to do, but it’s also fun.  So go ahead, give that little punk a little taste of God’s wrath.
  • A very naughty banner ad on MySpace has managed to install spyware on over one million computers.  Oh, no!  Won’t someone please think of the children!  And the pedophiles!

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  1. Putting ads on barf bags is nothing new. I saw it 5-7 years ago on a trip to Australia, except that the service advertised was film development. Just drop the exposed rolls in the pre-paid bag and put it in a mailbox. I shudder to think of the mix-ups that happened with that promotion….


  2. Getting rid of the kid’s rebelliousness sounds suspiciously like breaking the kid’s spirit. That’s totalitarianism. It was my “rebelliousness” that motivated me to get the hell out of the deep south, get an education, and make a vastly better life for myself than the siblings & classmates who stayed behind.


  3. Good for you, Georgia Sam! I got the hell out of “The Last Resort”… errrr…. “Frontier” as soon as I possibly could. Fairbanks Alaska is pretty much like the deep south, except with a lot of snow and ice.
    This weekend is my 20th high school reunion, and although I’d rather shove a brick up my ass than attend, I have been checking out the Class of ’86 reunion website, and it’s done my evil heart good to see who hasn’t even made it out of Fairbanks. The captain of the track team is now an ambulance chaser (personal injury attorney). Guess his glory days on the track team really did prepare him for real life.
    As far as the children go, yes, it sounds like some people who have no business being parents simply don’t wanna deal with parenting, so they choose to dominate their children. I’ve always said any idiot can spit out a child, but not many of them can raise them.


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