Sigh.  After reading about federally-funded “pregnancy centers” lying to women about abortion risks and a deranged GOP senator comparing stem cell research to murdering children, I’m having a moment of…powerlessness.  You know, one of those nasty moments where there doesn’t seem to be any point in being outraged, speaking out, voting, or giving a shit about any of this stuff, because evil has won.  One of those moments when it seems that this country is damaged beyond all repair, hopelessly lost to politically powerful religious pigfuckers and Big Bizness cocksuckers who have turned us into a nation of glassy-eyed consumer slugs.

Again and again I see these evil fucks winning elections (legally or otherwise) and creating more laws to restrict and control and invade and eavesdrop.  (Yes, Democrats can be just as dangerous.)  We seem to be circling the drain faster and faster and these fucking nutballs are paddling in the wrong direction as hard as they can.  Of course, many Americans are actually voting for this stuff, putting these people into power.  Can’t they see where it’s all headed?  Are they really that dumb?  It’s madness, and I sometimes feel like all we can do is treat it as entertainment, watching the whole sick thing unfold.

There, I feel a little better now. 🙂  Hmmm, maybe I’m just having a bad day?

(And for any snickering anonymous commenters who are going to suggest that I move to another country, let’s just say that while it’s not on my agenda, the idea isn’t as ridiculous to me as it used to be.)

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  1. If any of those “move to another country” people would like to start a collection, I would be more than happy to oblige them. I understand that there is any perfect place on this planet. However, if money weren’t an issue, I’d already be living abroad.


  2. i’m starting to feel like this spinning glob of dirt and water is settling into a fairly large basket mounted with jet packs aimed toward the sun. i can’t help but wonder if this is what the dark ages felt like. looming plagues, war for money and power. the masses being subjected to poverty to make the rich richer.
    am i just being dramatic


  3. I’m reminded of a story I once heard about a guy back in the thirties. He was looking around the world at all the stuff going on, and he knew there was a big shake-up coming and didn’t want to be around for it. He decided to leave, and went and found himself a quiet little place on a remote island out of the way of anything where he hoped to be able to ride out the coming storm.
    The name of the island was Iwo Jima.


  4. If you do decide to do a runner, don’t bother with the UK – we’re heading in the same direction with a towrope firmly attached to the States (thanks Tony!).
    Course, if you DO find somewhere worthwhile, please drop into the blog one last time to let us know where!


  5. Everwhere has it’s problems- Brisbane Australia where I live is pretty damn good, except we’re running out of water. Everyday I walk past a car that says “Australia, love it or leave”. Fuck that, if you love it, you want to change it so it’s better. I get really cranky with that sentiment.
    I’m told Samoa is a nice place to live (but you would need an independent income), or will be until it disappears under the water with rising sea levels.


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