Drugs’re bad, mmmkay?

Oh boy, here we go with the “gateway drug” crap again.  When will this Reefer Madness stuff stop?

Using young rats, Hurd’s team found those exposed to cannabis during adolescence took in much larger doses of heroin when the animals were trained to self-administer it.  The results challenge those who claim that drug experimentation does not affect the brain.

Oh, really?  By these guys’ own admission, those rats were trained to take heroin — how does anyone know that they automatically craved it?  I’m far from Mr. Science, but what kind of proof is that?  Sounds like more propaganda peepeecaca to me. I know many people who use pot (sometimes every day) for many years and have never moved on to harder stuff, or even wanted to.  Of course there are people out there who have done this, but I’m willing to bet that far more people are hurting themselves (and others) with alcohol than graduating from pot to the dangerous stuff.  Gotta love those big business drugs, hmmm?

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  1. It’s actually even worse than you point out:
    The researchers themselves describe how there was ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in the addiction patterns of the THC and non-THC rat groups, and conclude: (report, p.7)
    “The periodic exposure to low-dose THC during adolescence did not appear to predispose animals to an increased sensitivity to initiate heroin self-administration.”
    In other words, no way did cannabis act as a gateway drug in this experiment!
    Further, the THC rat group displayed much higher intelligence, and less frenetic behaviour when trying to acquire their heroin. I wish some of the journos that copy-pasted Ms. Hurd’s press release would learn to read!
    Now, just how Ms Hurd jumped from “animals NOT predisposed to initiate heroin self-administration” to “cannabis leads to heroin” is a question whose answer probably has nothing to do with science. At all.


  2. Yo dog! My mumma a crack whore! She self administered herion to herself and the damn rats! What is that shit bout dog?! They love that THC shit too man. Crazy rat mother fuckers! Only my mumma knows what shit they on! DOG!


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