0 comments on “Truly a match of wits.

  1. Oh will you shut up already?! I live in Canada and I am sick to bloody death about having to hear about how much you people hate your leader everyday. Don’t like him? Then don’t pay attention to him!!! I hate Angelina Jolie, but I don’t go searching around the internet for pictures of her that make her look stupid, I just don’t pay attention to her.
    We get you damn news spoon-fed to us every day of the bloody year, and I for one am sick to death of hearing you people whine!
    Instead of ranting about how much you hate the way your country is being run, why don’t you get up and do something about it eh?!?!?! Go volunteer or do something, nay! Anything that benifits your community instead of sitting at your house like a log and complaining about your president.
    In the words of Basil Fawty “Well let me tell you something, this is EXACTLY how Nazi-Germany started! Alot of layabouts with nothing to do but cause trouble!”


  2. If this man was YOUR president you would be bitching exactly the same. If you’re offended, take your own advice and tune out.


  3. If you don’t like seeing someone bitch about our leader then DON’T READ THE BLOG OF PEOPLE THAT BITCH ABOUT HIS/HER LEADER. Idiot! Gosh!
    Volunteering will do NOTHING about the president. Pure and simple.
    Re: Basil Fawty comment – The blogger here is not trying to cause trouble. No laws were broken. He’s just stating his opinion, which last time I checked we were still free to do in this country. Whether his opinion is right or not the same opinion shared by any other American he can still express it if he wishes. If nobody reads this webpage, then so be it. It makes no difference. If a person does not like his opinion, he/she has the choice to not read it anymore.


  4. Obviously people have opinions that are as strong as mine.
    I will make a apology and a retortion;
    Apology: If my comment made you mad, then I’m sorry.
    Retortion: First off, I read this blog occaisionally, and from my experience reading it, 90% of the posts this man makes are completely unrelated to George Bush, The reason I’m so sick of this is because tuning out is ever so slightly hard to do when your surrounded by non-stop anti-Bushism. I’ll use an example, go downtown and look around 360 degrees, do you see cars? Well each one of those cars is a George Bush rant scattered around the web. It’s quite irritating.
    Re:Re: Basil Fawlty Comment (It’s actually Fawlty, I made a typogrphical error), Yes, this man does have free speach, as do you, but in Canada we have it too (incase anyone dosn’t know) and I have the right to express my opinion to my hearts content as long as it’s done in a peacful and civic way, and I think typing is pretty placid. And you also have the right to decide whether or not to read my opinion too.
    So that’s my 2 cents, Don’t hate John Cleese, dislike me, Give my regards to Pedro, Good night and good luck
    Moi (Francais pour ‘me’ for those who don’t speak French)


  5. One more thing, please let it be known that I don’t intend to post anymore comments about this matter.
    So say what you want about me, you won’t get a response.
    Voice, your opinions, respect mine
    Best regards,


  6. Thank you for the response. I guess I was a bit quick to use the old ‘if you don’t like it, don’t read it’ statement.
    I can definately understand your frustration with seeing Bush comments. Not only is he an embarrasment to our country, he’s pretty much an idiot in many senses. It’s human nature to bitch about the leader of the country. Hell I’m a manager where I work, and I’m perceived as a really nice guy by most, but there are those few that really don’t like me and I can see them visibly cringe when I come along.
    You do have to admit that it is a little hard to not respond a little aggresively to a comment that starts out with, “Oh will you shut up already?!” That being said, I’m glad you replied later with a much calmer verbage.


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