Truth & justice…for just us

Oh, this is a fun one.  The new Superman movie came out this week, and people are saying all kinds of things about this new, re-imagined superhero.  They’re saying he’s boring, that he’s gay, that he’s too brooding, etc.  But here’s a new one: some are complaining that Superman isn’t portrayed as American anymore, because he (gasp!) appears to gives a shit about the rest of the world.

Apparently “truth, justice, and the American way” isn’t uttered in the movie, but does it mean the same thing today as it did 50 years ago?  To the rest of the world, “the American way” often stands for arrogance, power, greed, invasion, profit, dominance, laziness, occupation, complacency, and a whole bunch of other nasty things.  Yeah, there’s some good stuff in there about freedom and whatnot, but it’s often muted by the negatives.  This is the sad truth about how we are perceived in many other countries.  With expensive movies needing to score big worldwide in order to recoup costs, do these whiners actually think that the filmmakers were going to turn Superman into SuperUSApatriot?  Rah-rah-rah, he saves the day…for us!  But besides all that, isn’t Superman from another planet?  He’s an alien.  He was sent to Earth to help the entire human race, not just the ones with the most money or muscle.

Sigh…this shouldn’t be an issue.  Get over yourselves, people.  How long before people start bitching because Superman doesn’t go to church?

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  1. Just in case you care, here is a list of superheroes and what religion they are. Just because a person is raised into a certain religion doesn’t mean that they ARE that religion. Look at Madonna. Hell, look at ME!


  2. That’s what you get for letting a godless fag direct the movie. First they had to ruin the sanctity of marriage, and now they have to ruin Superman! I haven’t been incensed by a fictional character this much since Murphy Brown made a mockery of the American family!


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