Friday gross-out

Spawning season is officially underway, now that Britney Spears is posing nude for the cover of a magazine to show us all how pregnant she is.  Jesus Christ monkeyballs!  Hasn’t the world been punished enough?  Does this mongoloid really need to visually demonstrate that once again she’s been knocked up with some guy’s fetid cracker seed?

</end appalled outburst>

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  1. Don’t even get me started on this. I almost felt sorry for BS after the Matt Lauer Dateline train wreck. But she deserves everything she gets after Demi-wannabe stunt. So-called celebs that make a career out of grabbing media attention are not allowed to whine about their lack of privacy!


  2. Here’s some discussion board with a couple more shots from the set.
    1) She seems to be a terrible mother.
    2) She’s spawning more white trash with that guy who looks like he should be named “Cletus”.
    3) If you’re into girls, she looks damn good. She may be nude, but she looks less like a dirty skank than when she was bleached blonde and prancing around on stage in a thong or kissing Madonna.


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