Oh dear…  Looks like a boisterous attitude and all-American arrogance wasn’t quite enough this time.

They were confident.  They were hyped.  They promised that the world’s game had arrived in the United States — and that the world best beware.

Instead of building on their World Cup glory of 2002, much less matching it, the Americans crashed out in the first round, just like in 1998, overmatched by superior opponents and their own expectations.

On another note, is there anything more delightful than seeing sheer disappointment descend upon the face of a sports fanatic like a dark raincloud obscuring the sweet summer sun?

Sorry, my mean streak is acting up again. 🙂

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  1. meanwhile, those of us stuck in England still have to put up with this crap. Still wrecking the spirits of that many people in one go IS a good thing, regardless of nationality. Plus the pet detective reference completes the article 🙂


  2. Ya know, this actually gives me a warm feeling inside, seeing the U.S. lose in the world cup. The US dominates the Olympics, usually. Hell, it dominates at many (though I don’t say majority) sports. It’s nice to know that this country is not a juggernaut in all things athletic. It’s nice to know that THE world sport couldn’t give two shits about what’s supposed to be the “greatest nation on Earth”.
    Didja know that the World Cup came about when the Olympic organization decided that football, er, I mean, soccer, wasn’t *popular* enough for them? So Uruguay (I think) said “Screw those bastards! We’ll make our own tournament!” way back in the 1920s? Looks like it was a pretty good idea.
    Besides, who freakin’ cares if the US dropped out? Not like any of us really watch it.
    /except me, at the bar, over a nice warm glass of not-American beer.


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