Mickey gets a little fruity

Disney has been known to slap its cartoony characters on some outlandish things, but this latest is a whopper:  fresh fruit.  Normally I’d scoff…but maybe it’s not such a bad idea if it gets kids to eat something healthy once in a while instead of feeding on junk.  (This is happening only in Europe for now, and the story suspiciously doesn’t mention any plans to do this in the U.S., but who knows what may happen.)  Could Disney actually be using its marketing power for the forces of good?  Possibly, but it’s more likely an image adjustment.  Apparently Disney and McDonald’s have decided to split:

Disney recently decided not to renew a 10-year global promotional contract with McDonald’s.  The contract expires at the end of the year.  Mr Mooney said Disney wanted to be associated with “healthier” areas of the food business.

Well, well, well!  This is something I never expected to see. Disney & McDonald’s have been in bed for ages…anytime a new Disney flick comes out, McDonald’s is there to market the toys to kids, as long as their parents are willing to buy some crapfood as well.  It was truly a union made in hell and was disgusting to watch.  But now Mickey’s telling Ronald to piss off, which (to me) is an astounding thing.  Talk about a divorce that actually benefits the children for a change!

I wonder if they’ve found a way to stick little mouse ears on bananas and apples…  Hmmm, I might even buy some of those.

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  1. As a business student grad, I had decided to study business on a “know thine enemy” basis. Lately it’s been so encouraging to see consumers respond to socially responsible companies more and more.


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