0 comments on “A passionate hiss for your lover

  1. Imagine all the attention I will get at the rave! Everyone will want to touch it, pick it up and pet it and then squeal in disgust. And they’ll love me for being so dark and moody so that I can shun them for being a puppet of society. But nobody can steal it because it is PINNED TO MY SHIRT! A LIVE JEWEL-ENCRUSTED COCKROACH!!!!! On a leash so it can roam freely in a circle on my shirt. It’s SO much more humane than wearing fur.
    I’m saving my lunch money because I am going to be the center of attention immediately. It gives me an excuse to eternally bitch about how I would rather just be invisible because nobody cares.


  2. To me, this is pretty much the same as the story about Madonna suspending herself from a lighted cross. Just no bugs involved.


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