Rampaging Clydesdales trample Deutschland!

Holy shit!  This is just unbelievable:  guess which American company has bought its way into being the official beer of the World Cup, an event normally dominated by German beers?  Who would dare such a thing, especially since Germans consider this company’s product to be “the worst beer on the planet”?  Why, only a company with loads of cash and balls of steel.  Enter Budweiser, the king of loathsome lager, the master of merciless marketing.

The American lager has secured a near-monopoly of beer sales inside World Cup stadiums and within a 500m radius of the grounds, supplanting more than 1,270 domestic breweries.

Absolutely stunning.  And oh, those Germans are angry.  You don’t fuck with Germans and their beer, you just don’t go there.  They’ve been making it for centuries, they know how to do it right, and they know how they like it.  Arrogant American beer companies who make horse-piss “beer” (using rice, for Christ’s sake!) should not be able to buy their way into stuff like this, it just isn’t right.  Can you say “corporate imperialism”?

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  1. I agree with the guy in the article who calls Budweiser “the worst beer in the world”. It truly is very, very bad.


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