FDA-approved bullshit

So the FDA finally comes right out and says that there’s no medical benefit to be gained from marijuana.  Christ, have they ever talked to chemo patients, or AIDS victims, or people with any number of other afflictions which are alleviated by this herb?  In some cases, it brings back appetite where there is none.  In others, it simply reduces pain and suffering.  These people are not smoking it to get high — they’re smoking it because IT HELPS THEM.  It’s not killing them, it’s not a gateway drug, and the FDA and the leaders of the fake war on drugs are simply too chickenshit to look at any real data on this.  Meanwhile, our #1 legal drug, alcohol, destroys thousands of people and families every year.  Government + Budweiser = Good times!

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  1. but jesus didn’t turn water to weed. he turned water to wine. alcohol is sanctioned by god. apparently so is flax seed. if you haven’t checked the cereal aisle at qfc lately, you should. there is ezekiel 4:9 cereal. it is “maker’s diet” approved.
    if you don’t have it at your qfc, i’ll gladly scan the box for you 🙂


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