Would we lie to you?

Remember last year when the FCC laid out strict rules from TV broadcasters to clearly identify when they were broadcasting government propaganda videos during newscasts?  Well, surprise-surprise:  they’re ignoring the rules.  The Center for Media and Democracy has published a report detailing the worst of these scumbag TV stations and what they’ve been up to, and it’s absolutely disgusting:

…The center also said that many of the 69 stations took steps to blend the fake segments into their news broadcasts. Some had their news reporters or anchors read scripts supplied by corporations, the report said, and many had altered screen graphics to include the station’s logo. The report said that a few stations had introduced publicists as if they were their on-air reporters. Only a handful of stations added any independently gathered information or videotape, it said.

The 69 stations reach about half the population of the United States.

…Congress and the F.C.C. took up the issue last spring after The New York Times reported that the federal government had produced hundreds of video news releases, many of which were broadcast without a disclaimer of the government’s role.

Goddamn, that makes me angry.  This is yet another reason to STOP WATCHING NETWORK NEWS. You simply cannot trust what you’re seeing.  Newspapers may not be much better, but they’ve got to be better than this.  Also get your news from other countries like the BBC.  Don’t trust these people, ever.  Our Asshat-in-Chief is obviously behind this 100%, and regardless of how you feel about him, you should always have the right to know when your government is preaching to you.  Fuck these lying, criminal scumbags.

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