Sternly scolded

Poor Howard Stern.  He valiantly leaves “terrestrial” radio and heads for the blue skies of satellite broadcasting, making a huge deal of it and telling his former FM bosses to go fuck themselves…only to discover that listeners aren’t following him there, or at least not in the numbers he was hoping for.  They’re not signing up for the paid service, and they’re finding other morning “entertainment” to listen to.  And oh, that makes Howard a cranky boy:

“You haven’t come with me yet?  How dare you?  We’re up to wild, crazy stuff; the show has never sounded better.”

Whoah, do I detect a whiff of desperation?  Whining, even?  Oh dear, and oh well.  Personally I’ve never seen Stern to be the genius his listeners swear him to be (yes, I’ve heard him many times), and I definitely don’t think his show is worth paying for, not by a long shot.  Do people really want to pay $10/month (or whatever it is) to listen to hours of mindless, juvenile chitchat and fart jokes?

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  1. My heart bleeds. NOT! I hate Howard Stern, and not because I’m a prude or against gonzo radio. He reminds me of the guys junior high who couldn’t go 10 seconds without making a leering double entendre. Not especially creative.
    When I lived in New York City and I got in a cab that had Howard on the radio I asked the driver to change the station. If he or she refused I wouldn’t take the cab. Can you imagine being held hostage in a NYC cab with that moron blabbing incessantly? I shudder to this day at the memory.


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