Critical update!

OK, I’ve seen Microsoft patch one or two “critical” bugs in one update before.  It’s pretty much a bi-weekly thing lately…their software is a veritable Swiss cheese of holes ripe for plunder by virii, worms, and phishers.  But ten critical patches in a single update??  Wow.  Simply…wow.  Perhaps the best way to plug all those critical holes would be to simply stop using IE.  Or Windows, for that matter.  Think they’ll ever get ’em all?

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  1. Don’t for get Opera!
    It’s cross platfrom, too.
    This kind of crap from MS is why I still use my old copy of Windows 98, and I don’t use Outlook or Internet Explorer. I don’t want to buy a new operating system when I already own a licesne and disk of one that works just fine. The only reason that I haven’t switched to Linux entirely is the lack of video editing tools and games on that platform. There are SNES emulators, so I may switch anyway.
    If Macintosh could get a really good value comparison ad campaign going, they could be so perfectly poised to make an absloute killing in the next six months, especially around Christmastime. Imagine if they also taught people how to use the CD keys to the old computer, the one they’re going to use as a doorstop, to install their XP onto a shiny new IMac, they wouldn’t be able to keep them in stock! I think that something along the lines of “Friends don’t let friends get *p0wned!*” would work well. Either that, or a comparison of known viruses for the respective OSes.


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