Enough already!

Oh, am I glad I don’t watch T.V.  After several days of enduring uncontrolled, breathless online spewings about Katie Couric on every news site in existence, I can only imagine what you poor T.V. viewers out there are going through.  You folks must be swimming in this crap.  What’s the big deal? She changed networks, so what?  Fuck a duck!  They’re acting like Bush announced he’s changing parties or something.  Christ, how many more “reports” and op-eds from idiot teevee network dipshits will it take to lay this “news” to rest?  And, more importantly, the media is probably using this story to distract us from something else going on in the world, so what is it?  Don’t think it doesn’t happen.

Ahem. Sorry, I’m having a very tense day at work (week, actually) and if I see Katie Couric’s face on my screen one more time I just may lose control of my bodily functions….

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  1. I watch TV, but I’ve only heard about this twice… once on NPR and the second time on the internet. Maybe I don’t watch as much TV as I think I do.


  2. Anytime I see her face I lose control. I hate Couric and her phony caring interviews. She’s the Queen of “So your family has just be killed in a plane crash into the Andes mountains. How does that make you feel?” type interviews.


  3. it was a distraction from the pulling of the transparent curtain that hid bush’s involvement in the information leak scandal thingy.
    but who cares about that. katie couric changed networks


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