Putting the Ho back in Tahoe

Matthew Yanos sent this in the other day:

You might be interested in this:  the GM marketing guys put up a site where you can make your own Chevy Tahoe commercial.  So, of course, people are creating commercials about SUVs being evil, ruining the environment and such which are hosted and displayed right there on the official 2007 Tahoe site.  Good stuff.  I got the link to this off Fark.com.  Matt

Wow, this is great stuff.  This is what happens when corporations solicit marketing ideas from us Little People:  they find out that some of us have big mouths!  I also found some good commentary and examples over on Autoblog.  Interestingly, it seems that GM may not pull the fake ads as we all would expect.

A couple of days later I saw a story on CNet titled Advertisers look to grassroots marketing which looks not only at the Chevy campaign but other companies (Sony, L’oreal, Nike, Mastercard) who are asking amateurs to come up with good marketing videos. They’re all scrambling to get in on this viral marketing thing, which has actually been around for quite some time.  Basically they’re out of ideas, as consumers are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional marketing tactics…they’re getting more savvy and filtering out the crap.  And good for us!  But it means the marketing people will only try harder to worm their way into your wallet, and now that YouTube and other sites are so popular for sharing videos (and it’s extremely easy to make one nowadays), naturally these companies are looking for a way to exploit the technology for advertising. It’s quite disgusting, but it’s what we have to expect of them.  The assault on the consumer continues…

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