Boot me once, boot me twice…

The tech world is all atwitter today about Apple’s public beta release of Boot Camp, a software package allowing you to (officially) load Windows XP on your new Intel Mac.  From what I’ve read, it’s working amazingly well, with only a few minor glitches.  This is really something…the lines between the Windows and Mac worlds just got a little blurrier.  (It’s also fun to see Apple making public jabs at Windows’ outdated architecture and security problems…see the sidebar on the download site.)

While most Mac folks would feel just plain dirty by bloating their machines Windows, it’s going to be great for folks who work on both platforms for work/home, and for geeks who just like to have one hand in each cookie jar.  For years I was a Mac guy, but I had to give it up 4-5 years ago when I couldn’t afford to upgrade to something better.  My lowly PowerComputing Mac clone just wasn’t cutting it in a world of G3s and snappy clock speeds.  So built my own PC and never looked back…but if I had the cash to spend today, I’d seriously consider getting a Mac and setting it up for dual booting, because OSX really is slick.  Mmmm, yeah.

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  1. Same here! I’ve been watching the news on the Mac/Intel machines quite regularly because frankly, I’m intrigued. The thought of having the best of both worlds definately has me considering a Mac for my next computer purchase.
    But then again, Macs are not as expandable/upgradable as PCs are so that is something I’ll have to wrangle with sometime in the future.
    Most likely I’ll probably not actually purchase a Mac anytime soon, but there may be a time in the future when I go for broke and go for it!


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