Three cheers for Helen Thomas

Whoah.  Have y’all read about Helen Thomas grilling the President the other day?  Why doesn’t this happen more often?  Oh, those questions she asked!  It starts with “…why did you really want to go to war? …You have said it wasn’t oil — quest for oil, it hasn’t been Israel, or anything else.  What was it?”  Watching Bush stammer and fumble, trying desperately to pull an answer out of his ass, will make you liberal-minded folks cackle with delight.  She may as well have thumped him on the head with a rubber mallet.  Wonderful.

His answers were rushed and muddled as he was obviously taken by surprise.  First he completely ignores her question and insetad rattles off the same stuff we already know, using the same wording he’s used countless times — so much that it comes out automatically:  Al Qaeda trained in Afghanistan and “planned the attacks that killed thousands of innocent Americans.”  Well, no shit.  She asked you about Iraq, you feeble little titmouse.  From there it goes downhill…basically he says “I also saw a threat in Iraq,” but offers little else in the way of justifying the war.  Hmmph.

Bob Cesca wrote a blistering post on Ariana Huffington’s site about this…he sifts through Bush’s remarks with a delicious sense of “Gotcha!”  It’s great reading, and it’s what we lefties have been thinking all along.

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  1. Hmmmm… he also sees a threat in Iran….
    NPR did a piece on this the other day, Bush has been avoiding Helen Thomas like the plaque since day one. He’s trying to be all “open and honest” now. HA! That’ll be the day.


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