30 million!

Lately the airlines are charging you more money for tickets as well as for all the other stuff which used to be complimentary.  We’ve also heard that some of them will be charging you extra for sitting in certain Coach seats.  On top of all that, they’ll probably lose your luggage too.  They lost 30 million bags in 2005 alone, so why not yours?  Sure, that’s only about 1 percent of the total bags transported, but…30 million?  And 200,000 of those never resurfaced.  Where did they go?  Christ!  So…incompetent baggage handlers aside, why is this happening?  According to this story:

Greater airport congestion, tight connection times, increased transfers among airlines and stricter security are all contributing to more late or missing bags, said SITA, a Geneva-based company that is owned by the airlines, airports and other international air transport industry companies.

Hmmm, you’d think that stricter security would somehow help bags follow their owners.  I guess not.  Anyway we’re traveling to Germany in late August, so hopefully I’ll see my stuff again someday!

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  1. Actually, I was seated next to a United Airlines stewardess on my way back home from a short trip last month, and she told me that airlines will often deliberately take bags off the plane w/o telling anyone in order to keep the weight limit w/in acceptable standards. So, instead of reducing the no. of passengers in each plane (since apparently, most Americans can’t be bothered to lose some ass fat or take a reasonably small amount of carry-on cargo,) they basically illegally junk people’s things under the pretense of an “innocent mistake.”


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