0 comments on “Voluntary torture

  1. In France, by law, the theater has to post what time the movie actually starts. They advertise what time the festivities begin, but also when the movie actually starts.


  2. How ’bout we make a website, or maybe a banner for our websites/signatures? I know it’s not going to help, but it’ll make us feel better


  3. I’m one of those who’s curtailed my movie going in a major way, although I agree I like seeing some movies on a larger screen. The trade-off is almost never worth it considering not only the force-fed commercials and previews, but also the outrageous ticket prices, inexcuseably overpriced and oversized pig-at-trough concession stand crapola, cell phone rings and conversations (I even hate them before the movie, waiting on line, etc.), third-rate provincial morons who think we all want to hear their running commentary on the movie and/or their life (“so then I go….”), and all too often a shitty movie to boot.


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