Valkor sent this one in, saying, “I happen to be a Christian, but these people are an embarrassment.  Complaining about Grease as a school play??”

Wow, he’s right.  If school administrators (often known to be overpaid and out-of-touch compared to their teachers) can’t handle drama, maybe they oughta get rid of the drama club.  The high school administrators in Fulton, MO can’t even handle the play “Grease” because of all the smoking, drinking, and kissing, so it’s no wonder they had problems with “The Crucible” and Shakespeare.  Their drama teacher resigned rather than letting himself get fired, which was probably a smart move.

What a shame that those kids won’t get a chance to see something thought-provoking like “The Crucible.”  However, I’d like to make some family-friendly suggestions that this school’s administration may approve of:

  • “Tiddlykins and the Wacky Wiggly Woo-Woo”
  • “Bozo Goes to Bible College”
  • “Hoo-Hah!  A Patriotic Comedy”
  • “The Adventures of Kooky Karla in the Land of Smooshy Gumdrops”
  • “Poopsie the Dog Rolls Over for Master”
  • “The Boy who Thought Too Much”
  • “Reefer Madness”

Any other suggestions??

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  1. I hate Grease anyway, so I don’t care about it. But Shakespeare? The Crucible? These aer classics and should be performed and seen in High Schools everywhere.
    I don’t much like the way that we treat our teenagers in this country. We totally coddle them, like they are infants. Thaey are not infants, and the more we prolong their childhood, the more they will act out. Teenagers start pushing parents away and acting out because they are becoming adults and need to figure out how to be adults. By coddling them until they are 21, we are totally screwing with their growth development. In my opinion.


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