Don’t Panic!

Today all the technology and privacy websites are clucking like alarmed chickens because a judge has ordered Google to disclose the contents of a Gmail account in a criminal case.  Sigh, here we go again.  What everyone tends to forget is that ALL online email services are subject to this sort of thing, not just Gmail.  If your primary email address is through a service like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc., all you have to do is read their Terms of Service which will spell out the risks.  (Gmail’s TOS is a bit more straightforward than the others’, from what I recall.)  I agree that the “Delete Forever” button’s name is a bit misleading, but the TOS tells you all you need to know.

Whether or not Google can actually provide these deleted messages remains to be seen.  Personally I love Gmail and will continue to use it, though I know better than to discuss certain things via email, just in case.  I did the same when I was using Yahoo, and Hotmail before that.  It’s just common sense.  Anyway, this will be interesting to watch…

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  1. I know someone who is so paranoid, he won’t call a 1-800 number because the number that you’re calling from is logged on the receiving end.
    Yet, this guy does EVERYTHING on the web, including the disclosure of his most intimate secrets. WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO LEARN THAT NOTHING YOU DO OR SAY ON THE WEB IS SECRET OR PRIVATE?????


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