Chef hangs up his apron!

Chef!  What are you doing?  You can’t leave South Park!  You know that Trey and Matt are equal-opportunity offenders when poking fun at relion.  Jews, Christians, Muslims, Mormons…they’re all targets for satire.  They have raked these people over the coals in the past nine years, but now that they’ve attacked your cult religion of Scientology, suddenly you think they’ve gone too far?  C’mon, Chef, you’re tougher than that.  Grow up, take it like a man!

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  1. I can already see it. They will make an episode with chef dieing in it (up to that point they will re-use old dialogue, badly edited of course), and the second he does, huge ammounts of religion bashing will randomly start, just because. Come on, if he quits, who will sing songs about sex (aside from perhaps cartman)


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