Conditional love

Funny how Bush can’t be charitable or moral without involving religion somehow.  F’rinstance, he’s making sure that religious charities are getting more Federal money.  Shouldn’t all charities, faith-based or otherwise, get an equal shot?  I don’t recall Jesus saying “Help the poor…and help them even more if they believe in Me.”  No, that wouldn’t be very Savior-like.  That would be very…un-Christian.  And yet here’s our fearless monkey President and his administration showing us that it’s not good enough to help the poor — you must help the poor in the name of their religion.  As if it will earn you special bonus points in Heaven or something (assuming you get there).

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  1. American government is supposed to be secular. If you ask the Christian god for help in leading a group of people who are not all Christian, that makes you a bad leader.


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