Share your Gmail spam filters!

I sometimes like sharing my spam filters with fellow spam-haters, since I know they work for me and might do some good for someone else.  Luckily Gmail lets you put long strings of keywords together, so it’s easy to catch lots of different types of spam by looking at their content (and it keeps you from running out of filters).  Typically I forward the worst offenders to SpamCop (including full headers…click Show Original in Gmail to get it all) as well as the FTC (  But lately I’ve been getting more aggressive by looking up the highest-volume spammers’ websites on and sending the WHOIS and spam details to their webhosting services.  I just got one website in Australia shut down today, and another in Brazil was terminated last week.  Yay!  Yeah, they’re “dummy sites” set up by the hundreds, but it feels kinda good nevertheless.  Life’s little victories…

Anyway, here are the filters I use, in case you want to give them a try.  Just plug them into the Has the words: field and click Test Search to see if any of them bring up legitimate emails, then adjust them accordingly.  (Note:  some spammers are misspelling words using the “|” symbol, as in Cia|is or C|alis.  Don’t include these in your filters, as they will filter legitimate emails containing words like “is” and the letter “c”.)

To catch those “Download cheap software!” scams:
OEM OR 0EM OR sblsoft OR “Microsoft Office Professional” OR “Opt-in Email Special Offer” OR s0ftware OR corel OR “instant download” OR

To catch penis enlargement and E.D. crap:
“V-iiaggrra” OR Viagra OR “Ci-iallis” OR “Ci-ialis” OR Cialis OR Cia1is OR Valium OR “Sof-tabs” OR “soft tabs” OR “Ph aramacy” OR “Pharam acy” OR Pharmaceutical OR enlargement OR XANNAX OR C1AALIS OR VAL1UUM OR ULTRAAM OR “/1AGGRA” OR V1AGRA OR MER1D1A OR LEVITTRA

To catch miscellaneous other spammy shite:
“products for your health” OR Rolex OR rolex OR enhancement OR Pen1s OR hormone OR “remov(ed” OR dr@g OR “intimate life” OR “Pre-approved” OR medircations OR degr3e OR rx OR mortgage OR mortagge OR mortage OR morgage OR morage OR ratess OR “” OR “”

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  1. Interestingly enough, I haven’t set any additional spam filters in my gmail account and I have only had 1 piece of spam arrive in my inbox in the year and a half that I have had it. I actually didn’t even start getting spam in my spam folder up until about 6 months ago….


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