Wacky budget mix-ups: the fun never stops!

Didja hear about that energy lab which had to lay off 32 employees due to Bush’s funding cuts, then mysteriously got its funding restored mere days before a visit from Bush on his “I’m green now, let’s celebrate alternative energies” tour?  He calls it a funding mix-up.  “Hyuk-hyuk!  Ya just never know where that money’s gonna end up, do ya?  Golly!”  I wonder if he’s ever had any of is war money “mixed up.”  Yeah, didn’t think so.

It’s just like my friend Randy commented in an earlier post:  Bush is as transparent as a window.  I wonder how you people who voted for him (you know who you are) can sleep at night knowing that you elected such a reprehensible and manipulative (not to mention dimwitted) person as President.  Sleep tight…he’s all yours.

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  1. Well, non, he’s not “all yours” only! He is on everybody’s back! And it’s not because he makes us laugh every so often that he should be set aside.


  2. How do we feel… well I think the approval ratings show it in bright shinning glory.
    I mean, the split was pretty close to 50/50 pro-bush (minus any vote-rigging) which means look to your left, and if you didn’t vote for bush, chances are the person next to you (if they voted) did.
    And now, I think we are all underwhelmed


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