Drillin’ Bush

The story about Bush opening an area on Alaska’s North Slope for oil drilling is old news by now, but I had tagged it for the blog because of a couple of choice quotes:

“We’ve been left out of too much of the area with the most potential,” said Tadd Owens, executive director of the Resource Development Council of Alaska, a business association.

Judy Brady of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association said the industry could move toward drilling soon.   “Companies won’t leave an area with that much potential just sitting there,” she said.

And there you have it:  they want their money, Nature be damned.  Remember this the next time you Bush supporters out there defend his priorities and interests.  If there was oil money to be made from the land you live on, you can bet your ass he’d sign your house away for bulldozing without a second thought.  It is, after all, only a business matter.

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