Happiest story of the year

A recent poll shows that Americans are stressed and depressed.  Well, no wonder!  We’re stuck in traffic every day on our way to jobs that take up most of our waking hours.  We’re told by movies and magazines how ugly we are.  We’re programmed to focus on materialistic things instead of having life-enriching experiences.  We’re alienated from each other because of race, sexuality, politics, religion, even PC vs. Mac preference.  We’re dragged down by financial debt.  We’re convinced that having a fulfilling life means buying more things.  We’re constantly at war with one country or another.  Many are unemployed, and many with jobs are finding them to be unfulfilling and meaningless. The media bombards us with fear and suspicion while the government whittles away our freedoms in the name of security.  Generally speaking, of course.  Yes, there are things to be happy about in the world, but when you think about it, sometimes the other stuff outweighs everything else.  Thank goodness we live in a “civilized” society…..

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