Popping the pop-up bubble

The New York Times has an interesting article about how Google’s text-based ads are beginning to heavily chip away at the presence (and effectiveness) of pop-up and pop-under ads.  Y’all know how much I despise pop-ups, and I’ve often said that if I have to see ads online at all, I’d much rather see Google’s text ads than something bright, blinking, flashing, and animated which desperately tries to distract my attention from what I want to look at.  Google ads are not only simple and unobtrusive, but they’re cleverly targeted and, apparently, highly effective.  Anyway, the article mentions X10, which (as everyone knows) is the king of irritation with its relentless pop-ups on just about every website imaginable.  At least, it used to be everywhere…seems that Google’s advertising style (along with the zillions of pop-up blocking toolbars available) has been nibbling away at X10’s visibility…and should they vanish entirely from the Web, then good riddance.

Someone on Slashdot forums pointed out a website with a few examples of classic X10 ads.  One word comes to mind:  obnoxious!  Luckily I use the ad-blocking software and haven’t seen one for years.

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