Just in time for Christ-Mass!

I’ve added a few silly new items to the Sticky Things and Things to Stick sections of the Moronics shop.  The “Freedom” one was suggested by my friend Amy as homage to the movie Team America.  “Support Our Poops” was my own idea, though a quick Google search shows I wasn’t the only one who thought of it.  It’s a pretty obvious way to parody the yellow Troops ribbons, but oh well.  However, I think my ribbon may be the brownest! 🙂  The squirrel button is just for fun…I liked that photo so much that I thought it would make a cute button.  And speaking of buttons, the other day I forgot that I had the “Don’t be a TWAT” one stuck to my coat, and some lady in the office elevator gave me a look of bewilderment.  Oops…and tee-hee.

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  1. I want the freedom costs a buck-o-five one! I’m telling you though, a humping squirrel bumper sticker with a caption something like ‘public indecenty’ or ‘think of the children, vote no to squirrels’ wouldn’t go amiss…


  2. The Support Our Poops one, honestly bothers me a bit, it’s a bit offensive.
    Even though I get the message, that’s it’s more directed at people who just stick something on to be patriotic, it offensive to call our soldiers poops.
    I really feel for the poor solders taken to IRAQ by our misleading government.


  3. I would be the first person to agree that the Iraq War was a huge sham and I do feel bad for the conditions and experiences the troops might be experiencing. But, as a former Army brat with a Dad that was deployed on some iffy missions, it puzzles me when people express such sympathy for the troops. When you sign up for a gig in the military, you run the risk of serving in war. That’s your job. It’s just part of the gamble. I agree that it sucks when you have to carry out the wishes of a government that is expressing questionable decision making. However, many times, it’s the same people that are saying Support Our Troops that voted for the regime that put the troops in that awful scenario in the first place. I don’t think he’s specifically targeting the troops with the “Support Our Poops” sticker. I think he’s targeting the morons who voted for noxious weed and then say, “Support Our Troops”. I think you’re misdirecting the parody.


  4. Plus, I think the underlying theme to the bumpersticker that says, “Support Our Troops” often is, “Support This War”. And, I basically think that’s bullshit. So, “Support Our Poops” is pretty accurate.


  5. I totally understand the parody, my only real issue is it’s message could be easliy misconstrude as disrespectable in a public setting.


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