Wow.  For those of you who have been following the sordid story of Sony’s new priacy-protected CDs and the security threat they have turned out to be, you’re surely as fascinated as I am (or maybe not) to see that Microsoft is going to classify Sony’s CD protection scheme as spyware.  Now, that’s a slap if I ever saw one.  You know you’ve really fucked up when Microsoft, a regular target of privacy advocates, accuses you of spreading malicious code.  Ouch!  (“Wired” is advocating an outright boycott.)  But I absolutely agree.  The more I’ve read about this thing, the more I’m amazed at the balls Sony has for trying something like this.  Even Mac users, who are typically unconcerned with this sort of thing, were not spared!  Imagine the arrogance of a company which chooses to secretly infect users’ computers with this so-called “protection”, which happens to allow viruses and trojans to take control of the machine and destroy data.  Jesus, these executives must carry their balls around in a wheelbarrow.

One interesting example is Cyndi Lauper’s latest (The Body Acoustic).  It’s getting very little promotion by Sony, and yet it’s got this virus-magnet installed on it.  People on her mailing list are writing nastygrams to Sony BMG, saying “Hey!  If you had spent more time promoting this album instead of creating security problems for your customers, maybe this album would sell better!”  Typical record company arrogance, treating their customers like criminals.

On a side note:  what was Cyndi thinking, doing that shitty track with Shaggy?  And on one of her best love songs, no less!  It must be a joke, it simply sounds too stupid to be real.  “Binga-banga dibby-dabby laba-daba-blah-blah let me rub-ya love-ya rub-ya love-ya wingy-wangy woo-woo.”  Wow, that’s pure genius, Shaggy.  Thank you for contributing your musical Tourettes to an otherwise excellent track.

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  1. Watch FONY change their position on this and send all these crappy CD’s to the libraries!
    Corporate America Can SUCK My BALLS!


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