Scary stuff

Ah, another fun Halloween night!  Critter and I dressed up and went out to The Cuff for the costume contest, and also to get trashed and dance.  His costume was Catholic Schoolgirl Out Late, and after a lot of though, I decided to be Jesus Christ.  I didn’t take a lot of photos but I did get some good ones, which are posted in my Halloween gallery.

I wanted to have some sort of prop, but Jesus didn’t really have props…and a shepherd’s staff was too Moses-like. Critter suggested some nail-holes in my hands, which was a great idea. I got some latex bullet holes and glued them on with spirit gum, then applied some blood makeup to make ’em look nice & juicy. They looked pretty realistic… A final touch was to wear one of my “The Pope Scares Me” buttons. Critter did his own makeup and was decked out in green fishnets, a stuffed bra, fancy lashes, glow-in-the-dark nail polish, and a wig with wires in the pigtails, which made for a hell of an outfit. Fun! And scary. 🙂 So we ate some baked goods (use your imagination) and headed for the bar, and from there it was an evening of chatting with friends, drinking, dancing (picture Jesus and a Catholic schoolgirl writhing sluttily on the dancefloor), and just being dorks in general.  Funny, I think I have more fun with Halloween now than I ever did as a kid.

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