Kablahblah Caca!

Oh, this is just delicious…and it’s been a long time coming, I might add.  The authorities finally arrested the fraudulent scumbag in charge of the Kablahblah Center.  Yes, he’s guru worshipped by Madonna and countless other rich celebrity types who are spiritually vacant and looking for something to fill the void…  Usually that void was filled by giving lots and lots of money to this creep and buying his religious trinkets.  Oh, and the Kabbalah water, which was such an obvious scam that I can’t believe nobody’s shut him down before now.  As for the poor woman in the first story who was dying and gave thousands and thousands of dollars to this guy, I can only pity her and hope that someday he reincarnates as a dung beetle.

A devotee of Kabbalah, the ill woman put her faith in the center and contributed USD 36,000 to the organization. When her condition deteriorated, members of the Israeli branch recommended she donate another USD 25,000. Meanwhile, rabbis recommended that she also purchase holy water to improve her condition – at an exorbitant price.

The couple, who soon after extending the donations ran out of financial resources, continued to seek help with the center. The rabbis then suggested that the husband leave his job and devote himself completely to work at the center.

The husband, a father of two young children, turned down the proposal and instead turned to the police to report the incidents.

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