Idiot Revolution

Some 19-year-old brat decided that he hated “iPod Revolution” so much that he just had to smash one.  Gee, I guess he wanted his 15 minutes of fame early.  So he asked for $400 in online donations.  Once he got the money, he went out and bought a new iPod, then smashed it and put the video online for all the other iPod-haters out there.  OK, assuming that this guy isn’t scamming people, which is a possibility (how do we know he didn’t smash an older model and keep the new one for himself?), I just have to wonder how empty his life must be if he needs to destroy something expensive just because he “doesn’t like it.”  Jesus, what if he decides he doesn’t like blacks or homosexuals or people with red hair?  Look out, here comes that guy with a baseball bat…duck and smile for the camera!  Anyway, I didn’t waste time watching the video, but from what I’ve read, it’s pretty lame.  Now that he’s destroyed this little piece of electronics, I’m sure his life has transformed and the iPod Revolution will crumble to pieces.  Oh, wait…nobody cares!  He’s already trying to get donations for smashing a new XBox and Playstation 3, etc., but I can’t see this thing continuing much longer.  Your 15 minutes are up, kid.  Time to get a job.

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  1. This bufoon is a true idiot. If he really hates something like an I-pd, why buy one? After all, he is contributing to Apples success, and his dollars showed up on thier balance sheet under ‘Profit’.


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