I’ll get you, my pretty!

Mirroring a story last year about a Seattle elementary school which banned Halloween parties because Wiccans complained that it was insulting their religion, today we hear that a Boston school has decided to ban the holiday as well.  Wiccans don’t seem to be involved this time…I suspect that two or three parents felt their children would turn into little satanists if they went to school with all those scary costumes and candy around, so the school caved and got rid of it outright.  Isn’t this a little extreme?  Yeah, it’s a silly “holiday” but the kids enjoy it.  If parents are really that concerned, why not let them vote on it?  Hold a big meeting and let them cast votes.  Don’t let two or three people dictate what everyone else can or can’t do.  Show some backbone and use the democracy you have at your fingertips, people!

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