What our administration needs is some perspective.  This is something you can get from the Cost of War website (thanks to Thomas Debris for alerting me to it).  According to their figures (apparently calculated according to Congressional estimates), with the money we’ve spent on this war we could have funded worldwide AIDS programs for 19 years, built 1,779,403 public housing units, hired 3,424,820 new teachers, etc.  The war’s cost is rising so rapidly that these numbers will undoubtedly change in the next hour or so, but you get the idea.  However, priorities tend to change when there’s oil to be controlled, money to be made, lobbyists to appease, deals to be made.  I mean, it’s OIL!  Ya can’t compare the welfare of your own citizens against that kind of treasure, can ya?  Stupid liberal commie left-wing evildoer enemy sympathizers, always thinking about people instead of money.  Hmmmph!

Say it!

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